About us

We have been in 2013 the first time on Sao Miguel and spontaneously felt in love with the island. In 2014 we bought a house in Pedreira (Nordeste).

Successful holiday rentals on Sao Miguel

Due to the many bookings of guests in the first year we have 2015 decided to buy the house next door. This house will be rebuilt at the moment until the end of the year 2016.

IABB provides support on the Azores

With the establishment of the company IABB we want to help other people to fulfill their dream of a home on the Azores. Our primary residence we both have in Munich.



Stefan Dräxl

Stefan Dräxl, full time travel agent, travel agency manager of the travel agency of the Bavarian Farmers’ Association, BBV Touristik GmbH, honorary chairman of the German Mountaineering Association.


Andreas Hintermair

Andreas Hintermair, full time craftsman since many years for the Bavarian police, honorary speaker of the management advisory board of a house in Munich with 478 residential units.


Please note:
We are not a real estate agent – we work together with registered local estate agents.
We are not a construction company, we work together with local construction companies.
We are not a lawyer/notary, we work together with local notaries/lawyers.